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Orland Carra received an AA in Fine Art from Cabrillo College in Aptos, California in 1975. Since that time he has been producing art in various mediums such as watercolor, oils, pen & ink, pencil, charcoal, and intaglio prints. His most recent work, an interpretation of Quantum Physics Concepts, utilizes digital imaging technology. Orland is interested in the natural workings of the world around us and has been studying physics and relativity theory for the past 15 years. He produced 2 one man shows; one in 1995 entitled, "Just Think", and another in 1997 entitled, "The Quantum Quest". Orland also participated as one of three artists recently in a show of digital art at the Artisan Center in Wheeling, West Virginia. As a toddler I had access to my grandmother's piano. Later, when I was 9 or 10 my grandmother gave me some piano lessons. In grade school I took lessons and joined the band playing drums and percussion instruments. When I was 14 my uncle gave me a guitar and taught me a few chords. I have been playing that instrument ever since. As a child, the world often puzzled me. I was then, and still am, intrigued by how it can even exist. Questions filled my mind. What is the world made of? Where did it come from? What is it doing? What does the Universe look like? What is beyond the edge of the Universe? And many others. As an adult, I began to read books on physics (books for the layman). Some of these questions have answers, and some remain a mystery. Personally I am an atheist.  I do not see any evidence for the belief in the existence of a god or gods.  By 'evidence' I don't mean someone saying they have seen, talked to, or heard God.  I do not mean words written in a book saying that god exists.  People can say many things and lots of things can be written in books.  However, concrete evidence involves more than just stating something.  What I am referring to as 'evidence' is something real, something tangible.  I have never seen any tangible, real, physical evidence for the existence of god.  Therefore